UK Weather: ‘Bermuda blast’ 26C heatwave will last all weekend and into next week

A blistering heatwave could see temperatures rocket as high as 30 C with the mercury soaring this weekend, forecasters have said.

The balmy weather is set to continue over the coming days with some forecasts predicting the mercury could hit highs of nearly 30C on Monday.

The Met Office said that Friday will be relatively cooler but still warm and temperatures will gradually climb over the next few days.

Today many regions will see temperatures rise into the mid-20s with the south east promising the hottest weather with highs of up to 26 C.

But the weekend and beyond is promising to be a scorcher with forecasters predicting highs close to 30 C in some areas.

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It will be a scorching weekend, forecasters predict

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said that Brits should expect heaps of sunshine for the coming weekend.

He said: “We ought to start the weekend with lots of sunshine.

“Maybe a bit of early morning mist, a few scattered showers in northern Scotland zipping through on the fairly brisk breeze.

“For the vast majority it’s a sunny day.”

He said that temperatures will peak in the mid-20s on Saturday but that Sunday will see warmer skies with peaks into the high 20s across the south east.

He added: “The sun is going to be strong though this weekend. UV levels will be very high for some. Grass pollen levels will also be very high.”

A meteorologist at AccuWeather reportedly predicted that hot air from Bermuda will sweep across the UK over this weekend.

That ‘Bermuda blast’ could send temperatures soaring to 30C in some regions from Monday.

He told : “The warmer than normal weather this week was due to high pressure that stretched all of the way from Bermuda northeast into the UK.

UK Weather map for Friday
The south east will see the hottest temperatures

“It does look to get very warm by later this weekend and Monday.

“Once again, high pressure will move from around Bermuda and build east-northeast across the Atlantic into the UK and France this weekend and into Monday.

“While it looks very warm and a few places reach 30C, most places over southern England look like they will remain below 30C in the 25-28C range.”

UK Weather Forecast


Cloudy for many to start, particularly in the west with some rain here mainly for hills. This breaking by day though remaining murky for many in the far southwest. Warm in east, particularly in sunshine.


Clear spells for many, particularly in east and south. A few fog patches parts of Wales and southern England. Some showers in far north where windy. Cooler than previous nights.


Fine and dry for most with good sunny spells. Warm or very warm, particularly in the southeast. Thicker cloud arriving into Northern Ireland and western Scotland, perhaps with rain later.

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