Thousands of Brits party at UK’s second rave with no masks or social distancing

Thousands of Brits are partying the night away at Britain’s second post-lockdown rave with no masks or social distancing.

The 3,000 partygoers are gathered in a warehouse at Bramley-Moore Dock in Liverpool as part of a two-day event that kicked off on Friday night.

The event, called The First Dance, is being hosted by Nightlife promoter Circus, and is one of the first where large crowds are under one roof without masks or social distancing measures since the first lockdown.

Crowds packed onto the dance floor shoulder-to-shoulder on Friday night after over a year of restrictions.

To attend the event, ravers had to take a lateral flow test 24 hours before the event in order to get their e-ticket, and produce a negative result to enter the club.

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The raves are taking place at Bramley-Moore Dock warehouse in Liverpool

They will then have to take another test five days after the rave and submit the results.

The air quality and movement in the warehouse is also being monitored as part of a study to create guidance on how to operate buildings to minimise risk.

The pilot is part of the government’s plan to ease the lockdown and prepare for clubs across the country to reopen their doors from June 21.

Party goers outside the Bramley-Moore Dock

Inside the club last night, revellers were seen hugging and kissing each other, with some even sitting on others’ shoulders.

One Liverpool University student, Elliott Cause, 20, who was queing up outside the venue, told The Sun: “I feel like this is a big moment for the UK.

No masks or social distancing was in sight

“I feel like uni students have been struggling without this, I feel like this will do a lot.

“You can already see people are so up for it, the energy’s great.”

The queue outside Bramley-Moore Dock

Friday’s line-up included Circus founder and DJ Yousef, Lewis Boardman and The Blessed Madonna.

Event producer Sam Newson said the pilot was “vital” after the events industry completely been “decimated” in the past year.

He said: “For the last 12 months, it has been a disaster. People have moved on, I’ve got colleagues who have lost houses, it has been incredibly hard and so to try and get this backup and running is incredibly important.”

Fatboy Slim was the headline act for the second night

In the next few weeks following the pilot, scientists will be looking at whether crowds mixing and dancing indoors increases the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

Air quality and movement was also being monitored as part of a Loughborough University-led study to create clear guidance on how to design and operate non-domestic buildings to minimise risk.

The night is part of the Events Research Programme, which will also see crowds return to events including the FA Cup final and a music festival held in Liverpool’s Sefton Park

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