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Queen comforted by photo of Prince Philip and carried his pocket square during funeral

The Queen was comforted by cherished belongings from her life with Prince Philip at the funeral including a photo of the couple that she took in her handbag.

Elizabeth was also planning to take white handkerchiefs made by Savile Row tailors Kent & Haste that were a Philip trademark, a Royal source told the Daily Mail. He would have them folded into squares in classic style and put in his breast pocket.

The photo she took is believed to have been of her with Philip in Malta which had a special place in their hearts.

After they were married they lived in Villa Guardamangia, close to the capital Valletta. Philip was stationed on the Mediterranean island from 1949 until 1951 as a naval officer with HMS Magpie.

The Queen was forced to stand alone at the funeral due to Covid restrictions

Away from the spotlight in the UK, the Queen said she was able to live a more normal life and it was one of the happiest times for her.

Since then the couple have regularly returned and they celebrated their 60th anniversary there in 2007.

The photo was in the Queen’s handbag made by British brand Launer which has had a Royal Warrant since 1968. The handbags are a favourite of Elizabeth who is believed to have around 200 in different styles.

The Queen also brought handkerchiefs typically worn by Philip to the funeral

She also wore a red diamond Richmond Brooch that was a present for her grandmother Queen Mary’s 1893 wedding to the future King George V.

The Queen laid a wreath of white willies, small white roses and white freesia at the funeral which had been specially selected by her.

She also placed a personal handwritten note which appeared to be written on an official Buckingham Palace card.

The Queen's handwritten note for Prince Philip was left on his coffin
The Queen’s handwritten note for Prince Philip was left on his coffin

In the rarified setting of the funeral caused by Covid restrictions, the Queen was forced to maintain social distancing.

She has lost the husband she called her “strength and stay” and her note appears to have been a goodbye to Philip with whom she was married for 73 years.

The Queen kept her head bowed during much of the service and wiped away a tear as she accompanied the coffin on its final journey.

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