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Police turn up as large crowds gather in park for ‘live gig’ by rapper AJ Tracey

Police have turned up after large crowds gathered for an impromptu live gig by rapper AJ Tracey in a park.

Images showed crowds of more than a hundred people and a large number of police officers at Platt Fields Park in Fallowfield, Manchester, after the rapper appeared to issue a Twitter invite.

England’s Covid restrictions mean only groups of six people can meet up outside.

On Sunday afternoon, a post on AJ Tracey’s official Twitter account said: “Next stop manny!

“Come link me Platt Fields Car Park 4pm.”

A witness at the scene told the Manchester Evening News the British hip-hop star had promoted an impromptu live gig.

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AJ Tracey
Crowds reportedly turned up for a live gig by AJ Tracey

More than a hundred people turned up
More than a hundred people turned up

Greater Manchester Police vehicles were parked up beside a van with ‘AJ Tracey’ livery on it, according to reports.

Officers could be seen in conversation with people stood near to it and a witness reported a ‘stand off’ situation over the gig.

AJ Tracey later uploaded a video on his Twitter in which he said: “Big love Manny and Brum, thank you for coming out.”

Police at the scene
Police at the scene in the busy park

Police and large crowds have been pictured at a park in Fallowfield
Police and large crowds have been pictured at a park in Fallowfield

In the video he added: “It’s not going to be safe for me to come to Bristol. I didn’t expect that many people to turn up in Manny, and genuinely it’s not OK for me to go ahead so I’m going to head home to London.

“I appreciate you lot showing support and when it’s safe to do so I’m definitely going to come and do some shows.”

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Crowds at the park in Fallowfield
Crowds at the park in Fallowfield

A Twitter user tweeted Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham saying: “Why aren’t you doing anything about the illegal gig in platts field park? that the police are letting go ahead.”

To which the Mayor replied: “We are – organisers have been fined.”

The tweet from AJ Tracey's account
The tweet from AJ Tracey’s account

AJ Tracey
AJ Tracey said he’d be back when it’s safe

Greater Manchester Police told the MEN: We are aware of a large gathering at Platt Fields Park on Wilmslow Road Manchester.

“Officers are in attendance.”

The Mirror has contacted police for further comment.

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