Mum blown away by M&S worker’s kind message after she complained about son’s pyjamas

When you purchase something for a little one that they love, it can be disappointing to see the item get ruined.

One mum recently purchased a pair of Marvel superhero pyjamas from Marks & Spencer for her son Bailey, which he thought were absolutely brilliant.

However, after only a few days of wear, Alexandra Gordon noticed a hole in the knee of the bottoms.

Unimpressed, she messaged M&S to find out if there was anything they could do to help and the response she received from a customer service worker named Steve absolutely blew her away.

Alexandra shared a screenshot of the “amazing” reply on the Facebook group, Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, where it quickly went viral.

She captioned the post: “I complained to M&S about some PJs I bought for my son Bailey and this is the reply. Made my day.”

Following her complaint, the message from Steve read: “Hi Alexandra, I was originally going to go through the usual process of ‘Please return these to your local store so that our team can ‘ !!! – We don’t have time for that.

“If your little superhero is without his Super Marvel PJs – how will he be able to save the world and protect us from any supervillain attacks?!?

“THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!! So I’ve reshipped a new pair of the PJs and they are due to be delivered tomorrow – and if you are wondering what that strange breeze was just now, it was the world breathing a collective sigh of relief that your little Superhero is keeping us all safe and sound once again!

“Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week! Steve #M&SAssemble.”

More than 51,000 people have liked the post, with thousands more commenting and sharing.

People were quick to praise Steve for going above and beyond – with some being so impressed, they couldn’t help but wonder if he was single!

One said: “Finally a company that allow customer service to have some fun and humour instead of script reading. Well done M&S.”

Another replied: “Steve needs a payrise & recognition for his amazing customer service & sense of humour!”

A third wrote: “OMG every store needs a Steve working there! I absolutely love this and made me smile to know there’s some genuinely blummin’ awesome people out there.”

Someone else posted: “I love Steve at M&S… I wonder if he has a wife… #askingforafriend.”

One of Steve’s relatives also saw the post and was thrilled he was getting some recognition, they added: “Steve is my brother-in-law! I will be very happy to tell him about this, he loves his job.”

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