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Morrisons shoppers row over supermarket’s ‘intimidating’ Union Jack packaging

Morrisons has sparked a fierce debate on social media after a shopper posted a picture of the Union Jack packaging used by the supermarket – and even The Chase’s Anne Hegerty has had her say.

Pictures of the shop’s butter and eggs were shared on Twitter by a customer, showing them to feature the Union Jack, as they wrote: “Just back from a trip to Morrisons. Is it just me, or have their butter and eggs always been this… patriotic?”

The post racked up more than 1,000 likes and divided opinion in the comments, as some said they wouldn’t be buying the items and others argued it was simply marking them as British products.

One person replied to say: “Very upset by porridge I saw in Morrisons. This flagging everything is very unpleasant and quite intimidating.”

The butter and eggs in Morrisons
A shopper shared images on Twitter of the packaging used for butter and eggs

A second wrote: “Retaliate. I’m no longer buying anything packaged as such. Hurt them through their bank accounts.”

And another replied: “Won’t be buying eggs from Morrisons.”

But others hit back, as one said: “I can’t believe you all get triggered over the fact it’s showing we have British products in our stores. You should be proud that it’s cut down on air miles and transport costs and in turn is helpful for the environment. No, you’d rather moan about the national flag.”

And a second asked: “They also have the French flag on Brie and Camembert cheeses and the Italian flag on a number of meats. Should we remove them as well? Or is it just because it is the British flag?”

Daily Express reports Anne Hegerty, star of The Chase on ITV, also responded to a user who had said they found the packaging ‘intimidating’ to ask: “Is it the Irish porridge that’s upsetting them, or does it only apply to the British one?”

She then added: “I usually buy the own-brand version of pretty much anything”, while fellow Chaser Darragh Ennis quipped back: “Irish one needs more flags.”

But one person commented to argue that the flags aren’t needed at all, writing: “Personally, I can read so don’t need to verify its provenance by a flag emblazoned on for cheap effect.”

Morrisons has been contacted for comment.

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