Man spends six years parking in all 211 bays at Sainsbury’s to find the best one

There are many different ways to approach the weekly shop – just ask Gareth Wild, he’s found 211 of them.

You can come from the left, or three spaces away down the right, or some days up at the back…

The dad-of-two has spent the past six years parking in every bay at his local supermarket and then ticking them off on a colour-coded diagram to help others.

He said: “I do the weekly shop and I’ve been going to the same Sainsbury’s for 16 years.

“It was only six years ago when I said to myself, ‘Wow I could probably park in every single one of these spaces.’ I’ve been through three different cars in that time.

“I find enjoyment in the little banal things in life.”

Gareth, a production director, shared his project with delighted followers on Twitter, where it has been liked more than 50,000 times.

Have you taken on any “banal” tasks similar to Gareth? Let us know at

Gareth Wild has parked in every space at Bromley Sainsbury's
Gareth said he enjoys the ‘banal little things’

He ruled out the disabled and motorbike spaces at the shop in Bromley, South East London, as he is not a blue badge holder and does not have a motorbike.

But the parent and baby spaces were fair game when he took the kids, giving him his 211 target.

He has now posted a handy diagram of the best – and worst – bays. His map ­identifies 11 “god-tier” bays and 29 to avoid.

Gareth Wild's parking spaces guide to Bromley Sainsbury's car park
The supermarket’s car park has a total of 211 bays

Gareth Wild uses a map and spreadsheet to track his progress
Gareth uses a map and spreadsheet to track his progress

He said: “I also assigned different zones – the more I say it the more stupid it sounds – to each of the areas so each time I went it was easier for me to know which ones I still had to tick off.”

Amazingly, it seems Gareth is not alone. Replies from fans suggest others have similar ideas.

Keith Schofield wrote: “Huge respect sir! I’m a car parking space nerd like you. I visit maybe 500 companies/hotels/supermarkets per year, from Aberdeen to ­Cornwall, and repeat year on year.

Gareth Wild's parking spaces guide to Bromley Sainsbury's car park
The mission has taken Gareth six years

“I will only park in the same space at each place each year, and can remember them all.”

And Paul Gailey tweeted: “I did it with potholes in my town for e-scooter usage. 70+ so far photo-mapped.”

Meanwhile Gareth, shown left, fancies a new challenge, saying: “A Lidl’s opened so considering that. I’m an equal opportunities parker. Bromley’s got some amazing car parks.”

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