‘Is it too much to ask for today’s women to feel safe and protected?’ ‘ – Fiona Phillips

Just had to have this picture of Julia James, Community Support Officer, wife, mum and grandmother, on my page today in order to appreciate and respect this wonderful lady’s life.

A life that was mindlessly, and savagely, taken on Tuesday ­afternoon while walking her dog on a country footpath.

She leaves behind her grieving husband, Paul, who called her “the woman that lights up my life”, and 23-year-old son Patrick. He broke the news to Julia’s ex, Wayne, when he called him to say: “Dad, it’s Mum”.

The grief will be unimaginable. This weekend will be hell on earth for the whole family, as will the coming days, months and years, all thanks to a warped stranger’s mindless act of femicide.

Yes, there is a special word for the act of deliberately killing a woman. One can only hope that the beast that did this will be locked up in his prison cell, never to see the light of life again.

Unless, of course that “life” is the eventual prison sentence he incurs for taking Julia. And why? Who knows WHY he did it?

We will have to wait to find out what happened and why but you have to ask, what makes some men – a small minority, thankfully – think they have the right to slaughter a woman? Just for being a woman? Simply because they felt like it at the time? Because the physical urge was too strong, maybe? Because their fathers beat their mothers up when they were children?

Julia’s death comes just weeks after that of Sarah Everard. Two ­brilliant, strong women, loved, adored and respected by their ­families, friends and colleagues – mindlessly taken from them.

Castration would sometimes be a blessing, certainly for preventing the horror that some victims are put through, but for the offender too.

After all, what sort of sane man would want to live a life of depravity and serial horror because his sexual organs ­dominate his thoughts?

And why do women still have to tolerate wolf whistles and lewd comments from scaffolders (they are the WORST, as most women will tell you!)

Yes, of course, they might think it’s harmless fun – it often is – but it objectifies women, points us out and demeans us in front of strangers.

Would they tolerate it if their daughters were publicly ­humiliated on the high street? Or, indeed, if THEY were similarly treated?

It might be “just a bit of a laugh” to them, but that lack of respect for female strangers is insidious.

And, in the wrong hands, it is downright dangerous.

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