Drinkers ordering too many martinis causing pub to have slow service, boss claims

A pub boss says drinkers ordering too many Pornstar Martinis is slowing down service in a frank assessment after re-opening their business.

With Covid restrictions gradually being lifted punters can now sit inside pubs, with beer gardens no longer the only place to grab a pint.

One pub owner has spoken out to thank their customers and to open up candidly about what it has been like to run a pub after lockdown, Yorkshire Live reports.

The Wentworth Arms in Mapplewell was allowed to reopen again outside in April after months of being forced to close due to coronavirus restrictions.

This week owners said that they “held their hands up” at some mistakes as they struggled to juggle with preparing and planning how many people would visit the pub.

The Wentworth Arms in Barnsley
The Wentworth Arms in Barnsley

In an honest post, they said: “Whilst we planned and prepared as best we could, we’ve had to learn and adapt as we’ve gone along.

“Unfortunately you don’t know what you don’t know, for example, how popular the first two weeks would be, how many staff would be required to provide service under the brand new, outside only, table service operating model and look after an unknown number of customers, never mind what the weather

would do.”

The pub also said they sold over 50 Pornstar Martinis on Monday, April 12, which caused an issue as they take three to four minutes to make compared to less than 20 seconds to fill a pint.

Owners said it had a big impact on speed of service.

They added: “We were caught out a little again last week with the popularity of food.

“Hands up from us for that but again you don’t know what you don’t know. For example on a normal Friday night roughly half of our tables would be just drinking.

“This Friday pretty much all our 25 tables plus beer garden tables were dining and most ordered between 6pm and 7pm.

“Serving 100 plus plates in an hour is beyond our kitchen capacity, so wait times were longer than they should have been.

“We accept there have been occasions in the last six weeks where we’ve got things wrong or not delivered the level of service we would want to.

“Thankfully most of the time everything has been to the standards we aim for and we are very grateful for our customers’ patience and understanding when it was not.”

Pubs are now allowing punters back inside after a further easing of coronavirus restrictions. More lockdown easing could take place at the end of June.

The pub added: “The last and biggest shout out goes to our awesome staff.

“For the last six weeks every member of staff has worked pretty much every shift they physically could, they’ve returned the following day, put their apron and a smile on and got on with the job again.

“What a team! Thank you.”

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