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Doctors in India find vaccinated people have 0.06% chance of going to hospital – World News

Experts in India have found that just 0.06 per cent of people needed to be hospitalised after being vaccinated against Covid.

The Indian strain is currently on the surge in Britain, with fears it could delay the lifting of lockdown on June 21.

According to Public Health England, 1,313 cases have been recorded across the nation as of May 13.

The rise comes just as a raft of lockdown restrictions are lifted, with people able to mix indoors and stay overnight from May 17.

Experts are still urging caution as the B.1.617.2 strain is “becoming dominant” in parts of Britain.

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The rise comes just as a raft of lockdown restrictions are lifted

But a study from the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has now found that just 0.06 per cent of people needed to be hospitalised if vaccinated.

A total of 3,235 healthcare workers were given the vaccine for the experiment.

And results found that only 85 reported symptoms of Covid – and just two required hospital treatment.

The strain of Covid they caught was not specified.

Out of those 85, 65 were fully vaccinated and 20 were partially vaccinated.

The study at the hospital in Delhi, India also found there had been no deaths or admissions to intensive care for those who were vaccinated, India Today reports.

Queues of people at a Covid testing centre in Formby in Liverpool, Merseyside
The Indian variant is causing concern among officials in Britain

Dr Anupam Sibal, group medical director, said: “Our study demonstrated that 97.38 per cent of those vaccinated were protected from an infection and hospitalisation rate was only 0.06 per cent.

“The results of the study show that break-through infections occur only in a small percentage and these are primarily minor infections that do not lead to severe disease.

“There were no ICU admissions or death. Our study makes the case for vaccination stronger.”

The findings are currently under consideration for publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal, according to reports.

Penrith Auction Mart becomes the sixth mass vaccination centre to open in the North East and North Cumbria.
Vaccinated people are said to be protected from serious illness, the study said

The study comes as Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said he thinks it “very likely” that all coronavirus restrictions will be scrapped on June 21, despite the threat of the Indian variant.

Defending the decision to ease the lockdown, the Cabinet minister told Sky News: “Yes, things are opening up but people should have common sense, they should use judgment and I think if we act in a reasonable way, there is no reason to suppose that we can’t reopen the economy entirely on June 21.

“I think there has to be a degree of common sense, a bit of caution and people shouldn’t be running away being too exuberant, I suppose.

Members of the public queue at a temporary Covid-19 vaccination centre at the Essa academy in Bolton, northwest England on May 14, 2021
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has urged all of those eligible to get the jab

“I think we just need to be measured and cautious.”

Asked whether the unlocking next month could still happen despite a growing number of Indian variant cases being recorded, Mr Kwarteng said that he “fully expects” to be reopened by June 21, adding: “I think it is very likely to happen.

“I’ve said the vaccines are working against the Indian variant, I think we’ve got to look at the numbers so we’ve got some flexibility but there is nothing I have seen and nothing the Prime Minister has seen up to now that suggests we are going to delay that June 21 date.”

But Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned the highly transmissible variant could ” spread like wildfire among the unvaccinated groups” as he urged people to come forward for jabs when eligible.

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