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It should not be that surprising, that Seoul is trying to move forward quickly past Tokyo as the genuine fashion capital of Asia. Some of the most spreading cultural trends in the United States and Europe presently are generated by Korea’s music, technology, and beauty experts. From its multitudinous pop-cultural exports to the west Korea has gathered in billions.

The Korean fashion is today springing to the global stage. A deeper look into the country’s flourishing fashion community will be taken to answer an important question: why Korean fashion is a big deal today.

Western fashion magazine has in some way covered Korea’s rising fashion week. Seoul fashion week has received great international progression.

Having no Seoul-based brands with 100years old fashion heritage, the Korean fashion is said to be more than the rest of the world much younger. With an extraordinary competence to regularly present something new and bold Korean brands today get to be innovators.

Wealth, social media, culture as well as the country’s developing economy have influenced the changes greatly in Korean fashion. Showing a sense of individuality, more than its northern counterpart, South Korea’s style has become expressive.

Some out of the many groundbreaking Korean fashion trends we will be looking.

Raffia accessories

Very apprehensive with skin care, Koreans input a great deal of energy into sustaining perky, perfect skin. As with set to tanning, Koreans prefer to cover their faces in the summer making the use of oversize hat to trend in their fashion.

Bright linen fabrics and winded sleeves

For Korean women when it comes to fashion the primary factor is Femininity. Very popular are all-buttoned clothes, winded sleeves, delightful V-neck. Merged with bright color schemes vintage silhouettes should be considered.

Colorful and bold tinted wire-framed sun specs

Though they are specifically popular in Korean, trending again are the retro colored lenses. The trend has become quite open with Koreans swerving toward exciting, perky fashion.

Intriguing feminine designs

Popular now with clever details are womanly, girlish styles. With bold details and graphics, delightful, attractive, youthful designs tend to be preferred by Korean women. They are delighted with merging perky colors, arrangements, and perky color-block details with setting the more present age neutral colors which are more common in contemporary fashion. All these impacted by various style icons in Korea.

Cute characters

Blending fun, funny graphic tees with clutch bag embellished with Disney themes alongside cute emoji, rings, necklaces, and earrings. In the Korean style section are all these childhood characters revived.


Korean young designers are giving an unbending impression as the global press is diverting increasingly from the actual fashion capitals to discover new talents. Particularly when it comes to fashion trends, the country’s preference for lightning-speed consumption is wholeheartedly embraced by these designers.

The immense asset to their international influence growth is these designers unfaltering affinity for producing what consumers want. Many Korean celebrities are now being imitated worldwide which shows they are becoming a great influence in fashion.

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