Angry villagers fume ‘take that filth to Hebden Bridge’ after erotic novel left in library

A saucy prankster has been slammed for planting erotic literature in a box library set up for a “God-fearing” village.

The wooden box was set up in sleepy Cornholme, near Todmorden, West Yorkshire, for residents to exchange reading material.

But things got hot when one un-named joker placed erotic material in the little green box, which is sat upon a wooden pole next to the village noticeboard.

The prank, however, didn’t go down with one resident who pinned a note onto the green box saying: “Whoever is placing the copys [sic] of pornographic literature in here, stop! Cornholme is a God fearing Christian village.”

library box
The prank didn’t go down well with one resident who left a nasty note in reply

The writer then took a swipe at neighbouring and rival market town Hebden Bridge just seven miles.

It added: “If this filth is to your liking may we suggest that you move to the cesspit that is Hebden Bridge.”

The note has now gone viral and been shared more than 15,000 times on Twitter

, while it also attracting the attention of Hebden Bridge councillor Josh Fenton-Glynn.

Cllr Fenton-Glynn took to Twitter to thank the people of Cornholme for helping with their marketing campaign.

box library
The unnamed resident asked for the ‘filth’ to be removed as Cornholme ‘is a God-fearing’ village

box library
The person then appears to take a swipe at nearby market town Hebden Bridge, branding it a ‘cesspit’

He tweeted: “As a Hebden Bridge councillor I’d like to thank the people of Cornholme for help with our marketing campaign.

“Please check out our local independent shops. If the Cess gets too much we have a soap shop! Cornholmes also lovely, what it lacks in Cess it makes up for in nice pubs.”

One commenter joked: “I’m liking the sound of Hebden Bridge.”

While another quipped: “Much as I struggle in rural environments, nothing but support for the militantly queer cess pit of Hebden Bridge.”

The note has since been stripped off.

Little free libraries can be found all across the UK, with many communities building their own cabinets or renovating old telephone boxes where people can exchange books.

Cornholme is a former milltown with a population of just 1,600.

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