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Is It Right Or Wrong To Work Two Full-Time Jobs In Canada?

Two Full-Time Jobs In Canada?
Written by Laura

Well, we are not surprised to hear people asking if working two full-time jobs is right or wrong.

Immigrants especially are constantly looking for more ways to make money in Canada as long as it is legal. 

That being said, the good news is that it is not wrong to work two full-time jobs in most Canadian provinces, don’t be too excited because there is a condition attached – as long as you can manage both jobs properly. 

Let’s discuss what it means to work two full-time jobs in Canada. Usually, a full-time job requires working for 40 hours weekly so, working two full-time jobs entails working up to 80 hours in a week.

Interestingly, most Canadian employers will still hire you whether you are already engaged in a full-time job or not as long as you’re qualified for the job. Nevertheless, you must know that this is business and no employer will condone inadequacies from your end as a result of your second job.

Here comes this big question: can you meet up with the demands of both jobs in such a way that one of them does not suffer. Just before you say yes or no, we have factors that you should consider which will help you to determine whether working two full-time jobs is appropriate or inappropriate for you.

What are the factors you should consider before accepting the second job offer?

As much as we said that working two full-time jobs is not illegal in Canada, you should still consider if it is suitable for you and below are the factors that will help you to determine that. 

1. The state of your health

Just before you take a second job, have you considered your health?  We strongly advise you not to take on two full-time jobs if you have preexisting health conditions because these jobs are demanding and will do no good to your health. 
One of the results of taking on two full-time jobs is that you will always be exhausted. Stress is something we shouldn’t joke with as it could lead to health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and so on that may take your life.

2. The flexibility of the jobs.

Another thing you should know is how flexible the job is. Some of the pertinent questions you should ask are: Can you choose the hours or days of work? Are you allowed to work from home? These questions are important because they will determine how flexible the job is. In order to avoid clashing, don’t engage in two full-time jobs that have the same working hours.

3. Employment contract

As we earlier stated, combining two full-time jobs in Canada is not illegal, however, it is necessary that you review your employment contract if you’re already engaged in a full-time job. Also, note that certain companies do not allow their employees to have a second job therefore if you work in such a company then, it is wrong to engage in two full-time jobs.

4. Taxation

Consider the tax you have to pay because working two full-time jobs under two separate employers involve very high tax rates. That being said, make an estimate of how much you’re expected to spend on tax. Of course, you should know that if you have to spend so much on taxes, then working two full-time jobs isn’t suitable for you. Moreover, you cannot evade tax, doing so is a grave offense that could lead you to jail.

5. Distance

Location is another important factor that should be put into consideration, the distance between the two full-time jobs. You can easily accept the job if both workplaces are close to each other, this way you can easily move from one location to the other.

6. Demands of the two jobs

Lastly, how demanding are the jobs? Certain jobs require you to be on your feet for 8 hours daily and remember that you still have another job that may take another 8 hours. Ask yourself if you are strong enough both mentally and physically for the two full-time jobs.

What are the advantages Of Working Two Full-Time Jobs?

Below are the advantages of working two full-time jobs to mention but a few.

A. Two streams of income

We all know that having two full-time jobs means double streams of income which translates to making more money.

B. A backup plan

It is very rare for one to lose both jobs at the same time, therefore even if you lose one, you still have one to depend on. 

C. Building more relationships

You are most likely to meet more people if you have two full-time jobs thereby building more relationships that may be useful in the future. 

What are the disadvantages Of Working Two Full-Time Jobs?

Below are the disadvantages of working two full-time jobs to mention but a few.

A. Health Challenges

Humans are no robots therefore working 40 hours or more per week will affect your body negatively, in fact, you can develop health challenges induced as a result of stress.

B. High Tax rates

We already established that fact, the more employers you have, the higher your tax rates become.

C. Low Productivity

Having two jobs will take a toll on you. This means that one of both jobs will likely suffer especially when the jobs are not flexible. 

Useful tips for working two full-time jobs

Now, in case you still wish to engage in two full-time jobs, we have a few useful tips you can leverage that will assist you in managing the two jobs.

  • When searching for jobs, be on the lookout for jobs with flexible ways of working, and this can be bargained with your employer. This way, you have the liberty to choose when and where to work because it is not possible for you to be in two separate workplaces at the same period.
  • Talk to your employer or review your employment contract if your first job doesn’t allow you to pick a second job. However, the restrictions in most cases apply to the company’s competitors to avoid conflict of interest.
  • Before accepting another job offer, make sure that one of the two full-time jobs is not demanding because if you must be able to handle the two jobs properly, one must be less demanding. 
  • Seek professional advice from a tax pro to know if there is a way your tax rates can be reduced by letting you know the number of exemptions you can file for.
  • Lastly, avoid procrastination and be time-conscious. You can ask a friend or family member to help you in a case whereby any of the jobs allows you to work from home. Aside from increasing your efficiency, you will have time for yourself.  

In conclusion, Canadian law allows you to work two full-time jobs, however, you must do your findings so as not to lose out on both ends. Endeavor to consider all the factors we mentioned earlier, weigh the pros and cons, and lastly, if this is something you can do, with our tips, we believe you will do just fine.

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