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How To Get A Job In Canada As a Newcomer

Get A Job In Canada As a Newcomer
Written by Laura

Are you dreaming of immigrating to Canada, or have you already relocated to the land of opportunities?

Probably, you are stuck or wondering how to find a new job that suits your career as a newcomer; this article is basically for you. 

We have stipulated a step-by-step guide on how to go about your research and find a better job for your career growth.

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The truth is, as a newcomer, finding a job in a foreign land is usually challenging. This is because it will look different from what you have been experiencing in your homeland; coupled with the pandemic outbreak. 

So we must keep you updated on the current things that are happening in the Canadian labour market. There is several useful information available here that will help you go through this challenging time.

How to Get a Job in Canada (a Step by step guide)

1. Get your resume (CV) Ready

Your resume is a written representation of your personality, career, skillset, and professionalism. In light of this effect, it is important to note that your resume speaks in your absence. Before you start writing your resume, ensure you carefully go through the resume format in Canada.

A poorly written resume will frustrate your efforts in securing employment in any company, even before getting to the interview stage; especially when you are going for a professional position. Every tip we have shown here is based on critical research and the comments of our clients who have used them and succeeded.

2. Be Selective in Your Job Hunting

This is a mistake new immigrants make. They go to the internet sending resumes to several jobs they see in job banks. You don’t just go online responding to all the job ads that you see on the internet.

It is ineffective and guarantees poor assurance. You do not send out the same resume and cover letters to over 20 companies online. Most managers communicate with each other. Informational interviews are the most effective way of distributing and securing employment in Canada.

3. Be Passionate 

You should always follow up with the company within 7 days of submitting your resume. After submitting your resume, ensure that you take the company’s number or email to enable you to follow them up.

This will show that you are enthusiastic about the job you are applying for. Another way of showing your interest in the company is by sending them Thank you emails after interviews. This will distinguish you from other job applicants.

4. Get Strong Recommendations

Just as we have said earlier, getting a job in Canada is usually difficult, but is easier if you have strong recommendations. Getting references from previous employers has a way of boosting your resume and however, giving you a better chance of securing employment in Canada. I am not saying that without a reference it is impossible to get a job, no, you can still get a job. It is just that a strong endorsement puts you on a better side.

5. Boost Online Presence

Using social media as a tool for boosting your resume could be very effective. This is because employers also use social media (LinkedIn) to source candidates suitable for vacant positions.

6. Learn How to Network

In Canada, there is what we call the Hidden Job Market in the labour market. This is because most of the available jobs are not advertised to the public. This is where networking becomes very effective and necessary.

You don’t just sit at home and expect opportunities to come knocking at your door. You are expected to research networking events for your profession or meet people who can connect you to hidden and reliable opportunities.

You need to get your intention across to the people in your contact list so that when an opportunity comes up, you will be in a better position to be called. And always make an effort to build new contacts as it is necessary for your success in your career.

One viable way to meet and get new contacts in Canada is by volunteering to participate in any community-related functions. 

7. Have an Open Mind for Help

Bear this in mind, you don’t turn down any offer of help when searching for a job in Canada. Whenever offering to help get you a job or to even guide you; always appreciate the effort. One of the best ways of getting help is through pre-arrival services.

The pre-arrival services are free and available to immigrants who have been cleared, approved, and are planning to travel in the next 6 months at least.

8. Be Licensed

In Canada, some professions require additional certification or accreditation before you can practice them in the country. This is to ensure that you are qualified to carry out the functions without complications.

Such professions may include teaching, nursing, physiotherapy, etc. This process may take time to complete, especially, in the health sector. So be prepared before leaving your homeland, so that you will not be stranded after your arrival.

9. Believe in Yourself.

Generally, relocating to another country can be very challenging; finding a new job and building new contacts from scratch becomes very tough. But you can still achieve all, it will only take you time to build.

However, it is important to be confident in yourself; believe you can and you will surely do it. Emotions are very contagious, when you are confident in yourself people tend to believe in you. Self-confidence gives you self-esteem.

10. Prepare for your Interview

While you are still equipping yourself with the above information, it is also important that you prepare for the critical interview questions. Remember that successful interviews are based on good communication along with professional body language.

In step 9 when we talked about having self-confidence, you will believe me that self-confidence starts from your dress code. So while dressing for an interview, you should pick professional attire that shows you care for yourself and the image of the company.

Human beings are not perfect, and neither are employers looking for the most perfect people on earth; so stress yourself looking for the perfect colours to combine. Or even overthinking during interview quotations, searching for the perfect answers to give. Stay engaged and say the important ones first.

In case the interview is online, ensure you choose professional attire and position your camera to show the top half of your body rather than just your head.


Canada is home to opportunities, and most foreigners can still get jobs even before arriving. It takes courage, determination, and focus to attain success. Put in your best and be patient, success will be yours it will only take you time.

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