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Most Recent Changes To Express Entry CRS Points For French Speakers

Express Entry CRS Points For French Speakers
Written by Laura

Can you speak the French language fluently? If your answer is yes, then I bring good tidings to you.

If you are a candidate for Express Entry, your ability to speak French will fetch you extra 50 points instead of the usual 15 additional points in Canada’s Express Entry immigration system even if you don’t have adequate English skills. 

Are you surprised? The latest news is that the Canadian government will henceforth, reward francophone and bilingual Express Entry candidates with even more Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

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To further explain, we will have an imaginary candidate for Express Entry, and let’s call him Frank. Frank already has 415 CRS points but as we all know, this score isn’t decent enough to earn him an invitation to apply for permanent residence based on recent cut-off thresholds in Express Entry draws. 

Also, we know that there are hundreds of applicants who scored above Frank and usually they will be considered first.

The big question is: How can Frank increase his CRS score to improve his chances of getting invited?

There is a way out, he can improve on his French skills if he already has one or better still, start from the beginning. If he succeeds, this will probably be enough to secure him an invitation to an upcoming Express Entry draw. Let’s look at it this way, aside from the additional 50 points, he could get 

up to 24 extra points via the “core” factors of the CRS. This means that candidates who are able to prove their ability to speak both English and French have 74 CRS points available to them.

If the French language was the medium of instruction during your school days even if that was so many years ago, probably when you were a child, or maybe during adulthood by staying in francophone environments or taking French courses, we don’t expect that you have any issues with this new development because you won’t be missing out. 

Don’t fret if you cannot speak French entirely, there are a lot of Express Entry candidates like you are who are learning from scratch as well. All you do need is patience and dedication, however, remember that this is not compulsory, it is only a means to improve your CRS score or open certain immigration doors via Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program. 

Speaking of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs that you can access through your ability to prove that you can speak French, the Ontario province has a PNP stream tailor-made for candidates who can speak French. 

What this means is that if you can speak French, you have the chance of seeing other Canadian immigration routes that are most suitable for you even if you weren’t issued an invitation to apply via Express Entry after proving your French ability.

Furthermore, from the answers we were able to gather from most Express Entry candidates, we discovered that a lot of them have adopted their ability to speak French as a possible alternative for raising their CRS points total. 

Also, this new modification to Express Entry CRS points for French speakers was a strategy to reach the Government target of 4.4% by 2023 since the existing selection tools can’t help them achieve their aim.

Why choose the French Language?

Have you heard of the Quebec province? It is typically a province dominated by French speakers and has its own immigration system. The government thought it wise to draw more immigrants who have the ability to speak and understand the French language to live outside the province of Quebec.

You may be wondering why this decision was made. Well,  Marco Mendicino, Canada’s Minister of Immigration and head of IRCC

is all out to support the economic growth of Francophone minority communities outside of Quebec. 

How do I get extra points for French in Express Entry?

The Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF); and Test de Connaissance du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada) are well-known approved French language tests offered across the world. 

You can sit for any of them even if you are not in Canada to claim points for French-language proficiency through Express Entry.

Finally, it’s time to utilize your ability to speak and understand the French language to your advantage if you intend to move to Canada via Express Entry and we do hope that you now know how to achieve this.

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