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Do You Know: Six Of The Best Cities Across The Globe Are In Canada?

Best Cities Across The Globe
Written by Laura

Interestingly, we can’t count the best hundred cities in the world and not mention at least six of these Canadian cities we are about to discuss. Not mentioning them would be considered to be an error. 

Yes, it is true that Canada harbors less than 0.5% of the world’s population, however, various reports ranging from the 2021 World’s Best Cities Report to Lonely Planet mentioned certain Canadian cities to be among the greatest cities in the world. 

Well, this didn’t come as a surprise to us, you can’t see cities that you never expected in such rankings because the reasons why they were rated as one of the best are evident.

Take a good look at London, New York, Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo you can easily predict them to be on the list,

You may be wondering what the criteria for this ranking are. We will like you to know that the criteria vary; it could be based on what is known as six metrics which include product, place, people, prosperity,  programming, promotion and each of these metrics have things that are considered under them.

For instance, under the ‘people’ metric, we can talk about a city’s rate of immigration, diversity, and the level they have attained in education. In 2020, the ‘place’ metric was tweaked to account for the rate of Covid-19 infection.

Enough about the metrics, let’s find out why these Canadian cities; Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, and Edmonton made it to the list of best cities in the world.

1. Toronto (13th best city in the world, up from 17th)

Toronto is one of the major cities in Canada. You can easily remember this city whenever Canada comes to mind. Why? The economic growth this city has witnessed over the years is tremendous, all thanks to immigration and global investment. 

Aside from migrant labor, there are long-term opportunities in the city which attract immigrants. To crown it all, Toronto was recently spotted to be the fastest-growing metropolitan area in all of North America. 

Also, the metro population is 6.9m

2. Vancouver (34th best city in the world, up from 41st)

It is safe to refer to Vancouver as the home of Technology. This quality endears a lot of people to the city as Canada welcomes tech giants into the country easily. 

Another factor that gave them an edge over others was the manner in which the COVID-19 pandemic was handled when compared to other Canadian cities – proactive response to the pandemic.

Also, the metro population is 2.4m

3. Montreal (41st best city in the world, up from 45th)

No doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic affected this city badly, one of their major programs, the Grand Prix was canceled yet the city found a way still found a way to replace the event with something exciting while still maintaining the Covid-19 standards.

They turned major streets into creatively-designed outdoor hangouts accompanied by arts and music, and largely increased bike lanes though the event was a short one. In all, they managed to come out of the pandemic stronger, and better. 

Also, the metro population is 3.6m

4. Calgary (47th best city in the world, up from 48th)

In case you don’t know, Calgary is the energy capital of Canada irrespective of the fact that the oil industry is currently struggling. Interestingly, in a bid to build an economically resilient hometown, they have continuously strived to diversify away from fossil fuels. 

Central Library in the burgeoning cultural hub of East Village which was recently opened is one of the new projects they undertook to strengthen the city’s long-lauded quality of life, irrespective of their present challenges. 

Also, the metro population is 1.3m

5. Ottawa (67th in the world, up from 77th)

Ottawans are incredibly intelligent people, little wonder the city is rated sixth as regards Educational Attainment. A lot of people say that it is their reputation for brainpower that attracts the world to them.

Well, we would like to think that utilized their intelligence so well that they poured into some 1,750 knowledge-based businesses. These businesses range from life sciences to digital media, aerospace, and software to clean technology thereby creating approximately 68,000 jobs for the masses.

Also, the metro population is 1m

6. Edmonton (76th in the world, up from 83rd)

You are aware that this city houses the 59th university in the world – ‘The University of Alberta. Another point worthy of note is the fact that it is known to be “The City of Festivals” thereby attracting numerous tourists, and immigrants, who wouldn’t want to visit a provincial capital to see the street performance, Fringe theater, and the famous international film festival.

Also, the metro population is 1m

Finally, you will notice one similarity among all the aforementioned cities – each of them had at least a million residents in the city aside from other characteristics that earned them a spot on the list. 

Now, are there Canadian cities you feel should have made it on the list but isn’t there? And lastly, feel free to let us know what you think.

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