The Luxury Abacost Suit Perfected By Mobutu Sese Seko For Africans

Africa has always been a force in experimenting with clothing from the Western world. Many of us have not heard about abacost. Abacost came to Africa with a cost.

One of African’s unpopular leaders, Mobutu Sese Seko wanted something unique that have a touch of the French people. He came up with a suit that has a touch of “à bas le costume” from French. Abacost became a distinctive outfit that men started wearing in Zaire.

He promoted this suit that was light and doesn’t need a tie. However, you can wear it with a cravat. If you are a lover of the Mao suit, you may love the abacost. The Mao suit is a beautiful stylish suit that can be in short sleeved or long sleeved versions.

For our fashionistas, who want to try hands on a suit that is unique and attracts attention, abacost can be that pick. The history of abacost revolved around Seko who wanted something African and little of their colonial past.

He had banned the Western suits that come with shirt and tie. The reign of this suit was around 1972 to 1990. The suit became popular among the supporters of the leader.

Though, Seko allowed the Western suits including ties to be used in his country in the 90s but abacost was the favourite of some of the men. The suit was considered as the country’s national outfit.

Arzoni, who lived in Zellik, Belgium was the master designer who produced some of the finest abacost suits on earth. It was Arzoni’s employee, Alfons Mertens that made Seko’s suits including that of his entourage.


Now that the suit has become unpopular, you can resurrect it by making it a signature. With the thousands of designers scattered in Africa, one of them can help you recreate this Seko’s suit.
We don’t need to be celebrities before we can give our bodies an awesome fashion treat. These days, many of us are experimenting with fabrics to produce suits that are simply out of this world. If you are yet to make your mark on that red carpet, why don’t you start with a suit that no one will wear?

We love attention when it comes to outfits. Abacosts have made their mark on some of the world’s fashion stages over the years.
For those of us who have not had the opportunity of rocking this suit, the time to do that now has come. It does not matter the colour you want to use for the stylish outfit, what matters is what you do with the design.
You are the mastermind when it comes to making this suit stand out in the crowd. You can never tell how good this suit will turn out to look on you.

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