The Agbada Gang You Need To Join This Season

Whether you love stepping out with corporate or native attires, there is one attire you cannot resist; the Agbada. Over the years, Agbada has become one of the most respected native outfits in the continent.  We have seen the modern fashionistas make a statement with it.  You can take inspiration from many Agbada styles online. This may take your time to browse through many pages looking for the right style for you.


We have made it easier for you by posting some of the styles that make fashion sense. We called these people the Agbada gang! You can join them by appearing elegant and chic when you wear any of their styles. 

There was a time only the elites wear Agbada but we have the privilege of wearing it to any function today.  We have seen people living outside the shore of Africa wear Agbada and become the pride of an event.

In the Hausa region, Agbada is referred to as ‘Babanriga’ and it is respected. Take for instance, when you go for the white colour, there is this special recognition that is accorded to you indirectly. Remember your style should suit your body and look great on you if you must have the attention you desire.

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