Alasho Hausa Outfit That Brings Culture And Fashion Together

The Hausa people of Nigeria are created and industrious. If there is something that you cannot separate from this wonderful tribe, it is their culture. The history of the people is as old as the continent.

They have lived to see numerous battles, wars, plagues and civilization. While civilization may have eroded some aspects of their culture, they are still waxing strong when it comes to preserving it. You can find their culture in their foods, lifestyles and fashion sense.

There are numerous traditional outfits that this tribe is known to wear. From the men to the women, there are many outfits that they can wear. There was an era that they were mostly the ones rocking agbada and then designers waded in and made it for everyone.

There are other outfits we may not talk about together, their Alasho is what we are here to discuss. Have you heard of this tradition outfit before? We may not have heard of it but we must have seen it in many events and occasions.

Alasho is not a rare outfit that you may take out time to see because it is a common Hausa clothing that accompanies them to many events. The indigenous long turban is worn across one’s head and neck. If you are familiar with the Tuareg tagelmust and compare it with Alasho, you will realize that the two are similar in dimensions, colours and length. However, the difference comes in the way Alasho is wrapped.

Unlike the Tuareg tagelmust, this turban allows the sides of the wearer’s head and parts of the lower neck to be free. Another turban that is similar to Alasho is the ‘Fatalaa,’ which the Songhai men from Zarma wear.

There was a time when Alasho was common in Hausa kingdom, not any longer. Today, we see the outfit during rite of passage rituals to adulthood, marriages, inauguration of some social heads, or doing some important ceremonies or occasions. The city of Kano is famous for producing the Alasho veil and sold to the Tuareg and Songhay traders. There are events that you may want to look different. What do you think you will wear that is not your traditional outfit? For those of us who are not from the Northern region where this tribe dwells, we can use Alasho as a signature. Well, it is for special events if you ever desire to rock it.

We have seen Alasho travelled around the world. When we see it, we are forced to take a quick look at the person rocking it. Many important leaders from the Hausa tribe have embraced the uniqueness of Alasho. Think of standing and taking pictures on the red carpet as you rock Alasho. During vacation to some of our Islamic countries, Alasho comes handy for those who want to blend with the people.

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